Planting Trees

Dear Friends, as I told you, I felt the urge to give love to the land by planting a tree . My initial intention was to plant this tree in the Alps , where I had felt the sadness of the earth. But being unable to reach there by car made me review the situation. Patricia and I were giving a workshop with many North African women. I was very happy to be with these women and to share with them joy, singing , dancing and eating . Life seems to be celebrating within them . So when I heard that we would not be able to plant the tree in the intended spot, I then thought that it would be ideal to plant it WITH these women.Everything fell into place, showing that it was the right place. The owner got a fruit tree , a cherry tree (a female tree) . As a surprise, it was the 10 year-old twins, the owners’ children made the hole with love and joy , accompanied with songs, prayers and laughter of women .I was surprised when suddenly I saw all this happening in the water, even though there was no river or creek nearby. But after the cerimony the owner told me that long ago it was the sea. I connected with my spiritual family from Brazil and elsewhere and felt your hands planting that little tree. The ‘cherry on the cake,’ as they say in French, to talk about something very good, was that the father of these boys was Brazilian making the bridge with my people.Nothing could be more perfect, to follow the signs and do what must be done.I feel like planting more trees and I will repeat this ceremony with my students in the training course next week. If it is possible to do, I will try to tell you all in advance, but if I cannot get to you via internet, I will be connecting myself with you all via the inner net.
I know I can count on the love of those who love the earth .


Athamis Bárbara
France, 23 fevereiro 2016